Your World Can Revolve Around An Internet Marketing Home Business

How to Be a Well-Paid Freelance Blogger

If you are knowledgeable at internet marketing, home business opportunities abound for you and if not, there are at least a dozen experts who can help you out. Of course, their expert advice often contradicts one another, but with most service-related activities, you try them out until you find one that works for you.

In today’s global market, just about everyone has a website and are in need of marketing. A website without a marketing plan is a hobby and few people can make any money and be successful with their hobby. It really involves a simple formula that shows that zero marketing will equal zero customers and everyone knows that zero customers equals going out of business.

Bringing customers to their site is every business’s goal and a well executed internet marketing plan can do just that. You can have a good home business doing internet marketing for many customers and you can start with your own home business. When companies see your advertisements and contact you, they want to know how good you are. The short answer is that they were able to find you through an unsolicited means.

Before you get started you have to understand that old style marketing involved getting your name in front of people who were in need of your services. In this case, it is just about everyone with a website. The old saying of not caring what they say, as long as they get the name right, was focused on the shotgun approach to marketing. Also considered playing the odds. Sending information to everyone you could think of and hoping for return percentage large enough to justify the expense.

This approach rarely works with an internet-based business as surfers have so many companies to choose from that inundating them with information often turns them away. A targeted approach often can get their attention and get you noticed. While some believe that a one percent return on 10,000 ads is good, that is still only 100 expressing an interest and if you close on 10 percent that comes to 10 sales out of 10,000 contacts.

By focusing your effort on only the 1,000 businesses that actually use your service, a one percent return still equals 100 and a 10 percent sales rate still equals 10 sales, but you saved the money for 9,000, which would have otherwise been wasted.

Another form of marketing, guerilla marketing talked about in 1984 in the book Guerilla Marketing reveals how to achieve marketing on a limited budget. This type of marketing is ideal for small businesses and it extols the virtue of customer service and quality. The company uses personal contact and sales the person, not the product, and delivers a product or service on time that performs the function that it was promised to perform. Word of mouth takes over from there.