Write for a living? Just Get Started

How to Be a Well-Paid Freelance Blogger

I see it everywhere I turn and everywhere I turn I see it. "Write for a living" "Make money writing" and that same statement made many different ways by tons of people, all wanting to sell you something. It seems to me that the best way to make anything at all doing anything you want is to just get started. There are long lists of things you need to do to get going make that almighty dollar, but it's really very simple if you break it down and write it down in an easy flowing outline.

When you get it written down, confirm it. Go over each step individually and meticulously. Check your sources and make sure you haven't missed anything. Are there any legal issues? Do you need a license? Permit? Office other than home? Supplies? Who would want your work? Make sure that you can handle rejection repeatedly without quitting. What will you write about? Do you have plenty of writing prompts?

There are many times during the day that I stop to make a note about something, simply because if I didn't, I would just forget some of the small details and it's the small details that can make the story. I use to have a hard time writing something funny because I would leave out the small funny details that would make you laugh. I asked a buddy of mine to read a short story I wrote. It was a true one and very funny.

Well, he read it and asked why I left so many of the details out. I asked what he was talking about, which he explained and, back to the story I went. When I finished the story the THIRD time, I had added another 30 pages and actually made my first real sale. It was a wonderful day. It was at that point that I understood just what I needed to do. Now, at times I still have a hard time coming up with content but it's not that often.

There are allot of agencies both off and online that are eager to see and get your writing. You simply have to find the one that fits you. Get a proof reader or have them proofread. MAke sure to use your stuff. Do not take someone elses work and promote it as yours. (Not Cool) This way you'll avoid any copyright infringement.

You can get allot of free PLR articles or buy a whole slue of them. I first purchased some articles and studied one at a time, rewrote it in my words and posted it online. I would make a little here or there but my first real sale was AWESOME! What a feeling.

Like I stated earlier, there are many places to submit your articles online or places to submit your short stories. I'll talk more about them later. Thanx.