2018 Is Finally Here At Last

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This is my first writing of 2018. It is now just a few minutes after midnight so we are now just minutes into 2018 and I'm getting an early start at writing something this year.

Who knows? Maybe i'll say something important or expand my writings into a coherent series of articles that will influence you to do something great to help someone in need or help a group of people complete some important task they have in front of them. Perhaps you'll just read my ramblings and think something obscure about how I'm different than most.

As far as being different, my wife always says I'm very different than most "There's never a dull moment around him" is what she tells people. That brings me to something that happened a few years ago while I was staying at a Hotel in Findlay Ohio.

It had been a very long week at work and I was at a point of near exhaustion. I thought I'd spend some time in the hot tub downstairs. I was in the tub about an hour and was falling asleep when a group of seven High School Softball players from Wisconsin had come in and headed for my location. Well, I had been there long enough so I got up to leave.

As I was toweling myself off a bit, another member of the group came in and said (Very Politely) "Sir, you don't have to leave on our account." Well, I was shocked to say the least as I'd been listening to the group for a couple of days after work and they were a very excitable crowd to put it mildly. This gave me the perfect opening for something I'd been thinking about and had been wanting to try for some time now.

I said "Thank you young man but that is really ok. I can't find it now." He looked at me, puzzled as the group got quite and was watching us. "Find what?" he asked. I pointed down to my missing Left big toe (Another Story) and said "My big toe, I lost it in the hot tub and I'll never find it now with all you guys in there"
I turned to see all the boys staring at my left foot in disbelief and I said "It's ok it's just my prosthetic, I'll look for it later."

One of the boys screamed, "I see it" as they all started jumping out of the water. I just left laughing quietly to myself. I did'nt think to much more about until the next day. I noticed a sign showing the hottub being out of service and asked the clerk about it. It seems that one of the boys seen a toe in the hot tub and had gotten sick and puked in it. I said "That sounds a bit far fetched, doesn't it?" as I walked to my Truck. (Smiling inside) :)