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The First Week

How to Be a Well-Paid Freelance Blogger

2018 sure came in with a blast! It's only Thursday morning the 4th of January and peope all over the country are bundled up like they're cold or something. Here in NE Indiana we haven't seen the temp up to freezing yet. I was just catching a couple of minutes of the national news and seen that Airports and Amtrack are canceling flights etc all over the country. A big storm hit Georgia and has shut the area down. Of course it would, they're in Georgia. They don't get snow there, if they did they would only get a dusting or a little better.

Amtrack has stopped it's service from DC to Newport News VA due to the weather. There are people stuck everywhere due to the weather. Schools are out, people cannot get to work. What are we to do?? Well folks, there is an easy fix! FIND A REDNECK! There are tons of them good ole boys that'll get you anywhere you need to go. They have a big 4X4 truck to go near anywhere. If they get stuck and can't get there just yet, They can pull out their shotgun or rifle and rustle up a bit of grub that'll hold you over till things thaw out a bit. :)

Mr Trump has only been in office for about a year now. He has been tone deaf to the Scientists all saying the planet is getting warmer. I guess it's easy to see now that all them liberals and scientists were wrong. In only a short year, the President has set the weather back at least twenty years because here in Indiana It's as plain as the nose on your face. Hell is finally freezing over. Thank You Mr. President! Thank You.

2018 Is Finally Here At Last

This is my first writing of 2018. It is now just a few minutes after midnight so we are now just minutes into 2018 and I'm getting an early start at writing something this year.

Who knows? Maybe i'll say something important or expand my writings into a coherent series of articles that will influence you to do something great to help someone in need or help a group of people complete some important task they have in front of them. Perhaps you'll just read my ramblings and think something obscure about how I'm different than most...Read More.

5 questions to consider, before starting your home based business

For many people, having a home business would be something really attractive. To be your own boss, to not having to commute, to choose the working hours freely and to be able to plan the work-day entirely on your own.

If you are considering starting your own home based business, then you could start with thinking it through, by asking yourself some initial questions, such as:

1. If I'm going to keep my current job, at le...Read More

Select Only The Best Directories And Ezines

Writing and marketing articles online is probably the most effective, most cost-effective way to publicize your website, and promote your products and services online. Articles found only on the website and not in their print publications means more opportunities for writers and experts....Read More

Never Work Again

Are you tired of being one of the rats in the race? Would you like to spend more time at home with family, friends, or engrossed in your favorite hobbies? What is stopping you? Ah...yes, you need money. What if I was to inform you that you can have the best of both wor...Read More

Your Own Web Based Home Business

Tired of working the nine-to-five job? Tired of your boss? Tired of working to make someone else rich? Want to work at home so you can be with your family more? Do you like the Internet? Some of those questions are the titles to spam emails you get. They...Read More